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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What if?

What if he find out that I've been blogging about him? MALU kan? Should i stop from talking about him? But i just can't. He's too sweet to resist. I just can't stop myself from thinking or writing about him all the times. OMG! Sumpah gila bayang dah. Sah.



Sophea Adrianna said...

I don't really know whether you should stop or not. But, I think you should stop because u already have a steady boyfriend. But if you don't have a boyfie yet, maybe you want to be a bit more discreet. after all, blogg address u senang kot nak teka. btw, i dah taw name die ape. i check u punye fb :p :p

A Z R E E N said...

thanks for your advice btw. don't be worry, since i ngn bf i pon dah mcm apa je since nak dekat raya haritu. perasan kan, i xblog pasal bf i dah sejak raya. i dah disable my blog from kena google. so i rasa xcpe kot :)

Sophea Adrianna said...

ehehe. i notices that u don't talk bout ur bf anymore. what happened? ;)

A Z R E E N said...

it's a long story. don't want to talk about him anymore.hehe.