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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

With me. With you.

If you are more happy being with her rather than me, please let me go. Not partially let me go, but totally. Let my heart go, let my body go. I'm hurting inside. If you know you're mine, then do come back to me. You don't know how all this things make me suffer inside. You see me cry, you see me laugh. You see me enjoying my life. But deep down inside the wound will never be heal. How my life been seriously dark. No shine. People just don't understand how i feel. I don't know if i can handle this burden any longer. I've been the strongest person I've ever imagine. I'm crying inside. Outside, you seen me smile. You just don't get it every time i told you to just shut- up & let me go. Yes.
Let me go.

p/s: Esok i ada test power electronic. eh. dah masuk 2hb. haha. mlm nanti la maksudnya.


1 comment:

Syahir Alias said...

know how u feel. im in an exact same situation.

btw,do visit my blog.
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