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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boring Tuesday

My assistant will leave me soon. Tomorrow. Today is his last day at work. Even i've complaint few times before about him, but sometimes i find out that i can make use of him :P He always lend me his helping hands for me to complete my works. Especially when it comes to the technical part which are very tedious that i had to go through every part by part in the full page paper, or to answer the technical clarification, or to do the documentation works. I will just pass the works to him and will find it completed in few days later. That's what are assistant for by the way :P So now i need someone to replace him. Will find a new assistant soon. And i really hope that it will be a she.

I'm very sleepy and tired today. Even since yesterday. Since my boss is out of the office (He is on leave), so i took a nap about 30 minutes after my Zuhur prayer in the room at the back of the office where we use to perform our prayer. I only woke up when i heard Din, the trainee and Fuzi, the Sn. Engineer from EHT Department discussing something that sounds very serious. I got out of the room and smile. And they said "Lama nya ko berwirid, berzikir." I just smile and said i was so sleepy and Fuzi even tell me to sleep more if i'm still sleepy. Haha.

I'm totally not in mood to finish up my works so i wrote. And i wrote in English. And i'm bored. Need some more sleep i guess. Till now.


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