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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & It's been a year

Morning every one. Happy Holiday. It's been a year since the-so-called-first-date last year with him. Macam cepat je masa berlalu kan? Dah setahun :) I was planning to go out again with him today as in celebrating the anniversary. Haha. Boleh ke orang panggil anniversary dah dating setahun? LOL.

But tak boleh lah, since my sayang is now in Temerloh & working so hard there. Kesian dia. Even i sedeh juga, sebab there's no him with me now. Tapi still happy for the anniversary. It's ok, we had another plan next week. New Year Celebration. Yaaay!! *Ehem*

So sebabkan dia tak ada bersama i this week, i need to have another plan. Petang nanti akan ke Syazwan's Wedding di Bangi. A friend from YTD.

Till we meet again.
Lotsa love,

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