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Monday, January 28, 2013

How i am doing

Just came back from Terengganu after a very long holiday. Alhamdulillah, all the preparation is on track. Mama pon dah start nervous fikir pasal my wedding :) Semua legal documents dah hantar pada Pejabat Agama & IÁllah, semua ok. 10th February ni kena datang semula pejabat agama untuk collect borang. Since i'm already here, mama & papa lah yang akan kena tolong ambilkan.

So i have about another 2 months to go before my BIG day. And since i'm officially unemployed, i have a lots of time to do all the craft & sewing projects. Now i have to start sewing the beads for both my solemn &  reception tudung. As for my solemn, i plan not to wear a veil. I will wear a long shawl & make it as a veil as well. And for my reception, i plan nak buat ala2 tudung syiria, tapi i akan pakai ke depan macam tudung bawal. Ok, kalau tak faham tengok je lah nanti macam mana ye :P

Earlier before i balik terengganu, i singgah temerloh untuk tengok how's my solemn dress look like. And i was sooooooooooo disappointed! The tailor add another 10 kgs on me :( Bila i pakai, nampak extra gemuk. Dah la dalam keadaan normal, i memang dah gemuk :( Maybe the material make me look fat kot. Sebab i'm using full lace for the dress. Tapi lace tu agak keras, that's why. I was thinking to make a new peplum dress for myself for the solemn. Tapi takut membazir pulak. The tailor suruh i datang semula after CNY. We'll see how. I hope the dress will turn out beautiful & fit me perfectly. Amin.

In a mean time, kalau ada sesiapa yang berminat nak i buatkan veil ke, bunting ke, mini tasbih ke, nak sewa Polaroid ke, sewa black board ke, nak tempah photobooth props ke, or anything, just pm me to


Nisah Idham said...

alaaaa spoil if baju tak berapa nak ikut yg sepatutnya..

Biskut Merry said...

All the best reen :) Wish everytg went smoothly :)

A Z R E E N said...

@Nisah Idham: Haaaaaaa, tau xpe. Sedeh sangat :( Harap2 ok lah nye nanti.

A Z R E E N said...

@Biskut Merry: Thanks :)