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Saturday, May 2, 2009

You one in a millon. One in a live time.

Tomok menang OIAM? Alamak. Aish. Kenapa tak Esther yg menang ek? Mcm tak puas hati juga la.
And i find out this people that is really into Tomok. Since zaman remaja dulu la. The New Boys thingy. Tapi mcm malu kot nak mengaku. Mcm pura-pura la. It's funny ok. And then bila Tomok menang baru la mcm: Ok. He's good. He deserved to win. Before ni if tengok OIAM, dia mcm malu nak mengaku yg dia suka/minat/like Tomok. Funny isn't it? Nak tau kenapa dia malu? Sbb i selalu kutuk Tomok. Heheh. Ksian dia. Terpaksa berpura- pura dpn i. Padahal i dah tau pon yg dia minat Tomok. If you minat Tomok pon, i kesah apa. Like i care. Cuma maybe i akan kutuk dlm hati la. Hehe. It's not that i don't like Tomok.
There's nothing wrong if u like/fanatic into him. It's your right kan. But the problem is, please don't be hypocrite. Stop pretending. Actually, i dah banyak kali caught this person being hypocrite/pretend to like/dislike something yg dia dislike/like. Just to sedapkan hati org lain. And tak nampak silly dpn org lain. It's so not me ok. Speak out for yourself boleh tak? Penat la nak layan org mcm ni. Kejap ckp mcm ni. Another minute you'll be like that. Oh please. I know everything ok.
Ok. Back to Tomok, i think he's ok la. He's really something i think. He improved a lot. Compared to Sejarah Mungkin Berulang or what so ever it is called. Anyway, Malaysians had voted. And Tomok is the one. Congrats.


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