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Friday, May 15, 2009

Flying high in sky

*Warning: This post contain very much mengada-ngada punya ayat. So if you think that you'll don't like it, don't read. Please nagivate from this page. Tq :)

I'm super happy. I'm in heaven.*terbang-terbang* Well, td i kua ngedate ngn my bf. Lama betul tak jumpa kan yang? Actually tak pergi mana- mana pon. We just went for a karaoke then pusing- pusing dgn kereta. I curi kereta mama, shhh!! But it is the time we spend together. The quality time. Sngt suka la. Next time kita kua lg mcm td ok, yang? Tp since esok i dah start kerja, so i'm thinking it will be so little time and possibilities for us to meet often. Sori yang. But, i'll always love you. You'll always be in my heart. Muaahhxx <3


Eh, again, I Love You yang. Hehe.

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