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Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is Us.

Well, suddenly Pinky came out with this watching-movie-idea. So all of us give her a very big yes. Then about 8.30 pm, we went out heading to the town. First we were planned to watch this film which The Rock is acting, Which we don't know the title. But it is not showing there. Then we wanted to watch Fast and Furious 4. But it is full. I wanted to watch Unborn or Jangan Tegur. But they all said, "Tak nak la cerita hantu. Takut". Aish. Padahal sy pon takut ;p Finally we decided to watch this The International, which i have no clue what is this film about at first. Dah abes pon still xfaham. Haha. But I still enjoying this night outing. Love you girls.

Here goes the pictures:

5 of us. Pinky?

Aish. Tak aci sbb tak nampak sy.

Dlm lift pon jadi.

Suka pic ni.

Cool. I loike.


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