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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holiday Yaayyy!!

So today is holiday. Due to Hari Keputeraan Sultan Johor if i not mistaken. But my holiday is not just a holiday. A looot of works to be done. Aish.

Do the laundry.
Cooking for lunch. Sbb malas nak keluar beli mknan kat luar.
Economy report.
Thermometer Micro Processing Project.
New Lab Sheet EMG Project.

A lot of work. Padahal next week dah start study leave. Supposely study leave utk study la. But instead lecturers guna study leave utk presentation. Aish. Mmg xpatut langsung.

Plus final exam schedule for this semester sngt la tak menarik. 3 tough papersfor 3 days in a row. Abes la sy macam ni. Adoi. 5,6,7 of May for DSP, MicroC & MicroP and Power. Teruk la. Moga saya dpt jawab final dgn cemerlang. Amin.

Oh. I was planning to go out to do my hair this evening. But suddenly hujan turun dgn sangat lebat kat luar. Alamak. Mcm mana ni. There goes my plans.

p/s: Mood sy sangat baik harini.


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