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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ada orang kata sy demand. Betul ke?

Well, this post is my another not-the-good-one post. Very sorry sbb terpaksa baca entry yg marah je. Nak but mcmane kn. My life is currently so miserable now.

Here goes the story.

Well i think i am kinda demand person. But not all that what you want you akan dpt kan. Same goes to me. To be honest, actually sy ni bukan la demand yg mcm mana. Ok. Dlm case ni. I just want it to be something special. Bukan nak something yg excellent pon. Just be creative. Came on la.

This person promise me to celebrate my birthday when we meet up. I'm very excited. Looking forward for the right time. So this person ask me how the celebration that i want it to be. I told him that i want a cake. Cheese cake. Then he said ok.

Ok. So i expect him to be veeery sweet. I don't want it to be the whole cake, with a lot of people, a lot of birthday presents for me, bunch of ppl singing loud a Birthday song for me, variety of foods, at a very nice place. NO.

I prefer it to be only with a slice of cake, with a very cute candle on it. Just two of us. At a veery romantic place. Spending the time together. To be only with you. Two of us. Just the two of us. You got what i mean?

Instead, when i ask him how the celebration will look like he told me that he's going to bring me to eat the cake at the shop. That's all?? Then he said I'm being very demanding.

So u ppl do you think i am being very demanding? Hell no. Right??


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