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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's your Birthday Sweety.

So today is my 22nd Birthday. Happy Birthday to me. May all my wishes and dreams come true. May i get all the blessings and the happiness. May i were rich by love. And money also. Hehe.

I wake up very early in the morning. And Mama called me. Wishing me a very Happy Birthday. And she said: Kakak bukan kecik lg. Kakak dah dewasa. Aish. I'm growing too fast. Sekejap je. Dah 22 tahun.

And after this I'm heading to the class. Getting my presentation well prepared. Wishing me all the best and good luck.

p/s: Semalam sebelum tido, dah dpt 1 virtual kek. Looking forward for the 2 kek that been promised :P

pp/s: Emiey called and said Happy Birthday. She said she's leaving to France this 13 April. Oh. How I miss her. Hope to see her before she's leaving.

Birthday Girl,


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