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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What happened

It's been a while since I do blogging. I think I've been very busy for past few days. Haha. No la. Actually I went back to Terengganu and my brother do something to the PC at the house so there is no other PC to use except his laptop. Which my brother bring it every where he went :( That's the reason explaining why I'm not blogging for past few days.

So this is what happen during these few days:

  1. I went to lawatan with my classmates to visit PD Power Station in Port Dickson.
  2. I went to Shah Alam and been lepaking at Syafiza's place. Actually I'm disturbing her because she is in the middle of her final exam. Btw, thanks Sya. Love you!!
  3. I went back to Terengganu with my brother and his GF.
  4. I met my very super duper beloved mum.
  5. We celebrated papa's 55th birthday.
  6. I travel for almost 12 hours from Terengganu to Batu Pahat. Huh. wtf. Trg- KL- BP. Because tickets have been sold out!!
  7. Proceed with the Economy's project- the jual2 barang things. We do this Doughnut things.
  8. A lot of other things happened. Can't remember every single things.
  9. Owh. I ada pakai inai kat both my hands. And something happen between my brother and the inai. Hahah. Gonna tell you later.
Much lurve,

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