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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SpongeBob Monopoly Game

My Birthday is like 2 days more to go. Don't now if anyone will give me a surprise birthday party. Heheh. I wish. I wish. I don't really hope for that. Being remembered for my birthday is good enough for me. Ayat konon baik la.

So i don't have my family nor boyfriend to celebrate my birthday with me here. But i still have friends with me. So what else i could wish for?

If ada orang nak kasi hadiah, boleh baca list kat bawah ni and pilih la mana satu yg anda berkenan ye. Tq.

  1. Top of the list: New Boyfriend please.
  2. New purse. The old one already torn out.
  3. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.
  4. More pocket money. Hehe.
  5. Driving License. Aish. Tak siap2 lg.
  6. Car or any vehicle will do. Yg proper la. Utk di bawa ke kelas.
  7. New dress (s)
  8. A very big teddy bear. Haha. Tak malu ok.
  9. Actually banyak lagi. Tapi malu pula nak list. Mcm ada org je nak bagi hadiah banyak2 kan?

p/s:And the list goes and goes. Apa la sy ni. Sangat tak malu kan.

pp/s: I want my mummy soooooo damn much. I miss you.


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