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Monday, February 9, 2009



By 7am in the morning,pinky from the opposite house text me.She said "kita gerak pkl 8 lebih ok". and im like OMG!im very sleepy.then by 8am i reply her sms said "sori.i baru tersedar".hahah.then she said "it's Ok.just go and take ur shower first". First thing in my mind when i woke up is-making sandwiches.i promised all my friends i'll cook something to bring during the i woke ruby up and after about 2o minutes we manage to prepare a 'tupperware-full' of sandwiches and scramble egg.very yummy ok.hahah. But we only manage to start the journey by 9.30.standard la wei.waiting for all 4 cars ppl to get ready. Going to Sg.Bekok take us bout an hour ++.very tiring.but the waterfall is just nice to release all the tension out. After the mandi-manda and makan2 session,nah.The pictures time.hahah. We only left the waterfall after tired of the amek gambar session.the day ending up with me sleeping all the way back home.hehe.pity kechik need to drive :P

me with eny

gossiping in the waterfall.haha.

half of us

what am i trying to do?

perasan ok.ruby,kechik,amal,pinky.

lompatan of excitement!!!


Me with eip and pyn went out to catch the movie.after we are in bp mall,we went straight to the cinema.then after few minutes looking around,we cant even find the 'now showing' screen.bodo la cinema ni.we queue at the counter and ask the kakak there.owh.the screen broke down.we checking the movies list,but none are interesting.double bodo for the cinema. :(
finally,we ending up at k-box, karoake-ing abut 15 songs.hahah.puas ok.then we just strolling around.i manage not to buy anything EXCEPT my brand new belt,body shop make-up remover and big cadbury roasted almond chocolate.hahah.
but i still couldn't find my dream vest that i've been looking for.pity me. looking at the bright side,but at least,im not wasting my money on another dress.hahah.

queuing to withdraw SOME money

me with eip in the fitting room
typical picture at the karaoke

super delicious milkshake.

look at the giant lollipop.

pyn with eip's and my eyes.

It's Thaipusam ppl.and it is another day off from college.hahah.and very early in the morning,i need to wake up to go to the driving school.duhh..


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