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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 25th Bday Bro!!

Today is my brother's birthday ok. And i totally forget about it!! WTF. Until my mum called me this evening and remind me of his birthday. What a teruk and useless sister i had been to my brother. Poor him.

So i called him at like 6 pm and sing him a Happy Birthday song. Luckily it is still his birthday. And he likes the song. ( i know he always likes it when I'm singing)

To my very beloved brother:

Abang, thanks for being a very good and kind (even sometimes you are kind of irritating.heheh) and GENEROUS brother. Adik love you very much. May you have a very nice and successful years ahead. All the best.

p/s: Sorry i don't have your picture so that i can't post it here.

pp/s: Today the BF got a test. Good luck syg.

Love you Abang,

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