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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Hurt

Ouch. Very painful. This is how all the things happened.
After finishing the class today,i felt very hungry. So i decided to make some jemput2 bilis. Suddenly,while i goreng the jemput2, the hot oil from the frying pan explode. Haha. wtf. It is very painful and hurting my face and my finger ok. My skin become redness and ouch! Very painful ppl. I dont know why the oil suddenly explode. It never happen to me before. wtf. I even put on some tooth paste onto my face to lessen the pain because the friend of mine said the cooling effect from the paste can be very relief. But it is really hurting me!!

The jemput2 that i make. It still taste yummy ok.

so i put on some tooth paste on my face.

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