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Friday, February 13, 2009

I hate this part

Owh. I hate it when I'm feeling this way. Every time this happen, i really hope that it never started before. If i could ever turn back the time, i wish this never begin. I know i should let it go since like a year ago. But I'm really afraid to let it go. I just can't image my self without all this. All this while, it has cherish me. No matter what, sooner or later i know that i should. But the thing is, I'm afraid. Very afraid. No one will understand what i felt. So do i. Even i never understand why am i acting this way. Why i choose to travel this path although i have another path. Which is easier and smoother to travel with. Maybe this is what we called fate. Because if i took the other path, i will never understand what the real life is. What it has inside the world. This path that i choose, i need to survive. I need to prove the best. Give my all,that i can. Compared to the other path, which will take a very good care of me. Will give anything that I'm asking for.

But this is the path that i took. So life must go on. Just go with the flow. Until one day, when the times come, everything will change. Maybe to the better end or to the worst. But the happy ending is the one that i've been looking for.

Till now, be strong girl. I know you can because you had been survive all this while. It is not your priority after all. Just focus on what you have now. Never compare what you have with others.


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