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Monday, February 23, 2009


Here are the updates about Saturday's outing: Me hanging-out with my BFF- Siti and Ruby darlings.

The main mission is only eating the cakes at Secret Recipe. But finally we ended up with eating more than just a cake, watching movies, karaoke- ing and do some shopping!! Hehe.

Well, actually there were a very heavy rain pouring down while we were eating at the Secret Recipe. But we think it will stop sooner, by the time we finish eating. But unfortunately, it wont!! Luckily both Siti and Ruby bring along their umbrella. It is such a big relief since i didn't bring mine :)

Then we went to BP Mall since this Secret Recipe is not in this mall's building. We planned to watch this "Upin & Ipin" movie. But we ended-up stucking in this stupid cinema watching this so-called movie entitle New In Town. Sangat boring ok!!

But the best part is karaoke-ing. We enjoy singing a lot of songs. Menjerit- jerit more than singing. Haha. So funny. Then just strolling around the mall. Me bought a new pant and i've found my vest that i've been looking for all this while :)

The most important thing from all the above, we were spending a very quality time together and having so much fun, right? I hope we will always be like this, Best Friend Forever!!

Now lets the pictures do the talking:

Ruby with her umbrella

Siti's umbrella.

Mushroom Grilled Chicken

The Cake.
p/s: I forgot to take the picture of other cakes since i was really excited when the waitress bring the cakes to our table :P

Oreo Milkshake. My favorite.

BFF: Siti-Reen-Ruby

Here she goes again.

The perasan Azreen and Ruby.


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