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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not so random

So yesterday was my Hari Tanpa Study. I did not do any revisions. I did not try to answer any questions. I did not even touch any books. Oh. Tipu. Mana boleh tak sentuh. And early at the night, i got this really sakit headache. Couldn't explain how sakit the headache was :(

And my bf when to watch this football match at 3 in the morning. Chelsea vs Barcelona. He's not that into football as far as i know. But it's normal for a boy to like to watch a football match right? And he ended up wake up very late this morning. Oh. not so morning.or should i say afternoon? ;P

I think i need more money. Maybe i should find my self a job. I'm really broke. Like seriously, i only have less than RM10 left in my purse. wtf.

I really miss you baby. It's been like 2 months we didn't see each other right? I couldn't wait any longer for the time to come. Time, please flies fast. Please run fast. or whatever it is. Super fast please.


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