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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Showdown Top 4 (Pictures)

Last week bf i dapat tix VIP untuk pergi tengok showdown top 4 di i-city. Jadi, kami excited bukan main nak pergi lah kan. Ni kali ke dua i pergi tengok live, and 1st time untuk bf i. Kali pertama dekat entry ini. I pernah dapat tix untuk duduk dekat pit, tapi i malas pergi :P:P So i bagi je pada kawan i untuk claim tix.

Mari layan pictures yang kami ambil masa Final 4 Showdown last week (29 June 2011)

How the VIP tickets look like.

Happy face after claimed the tix.

At the VIP seat.

The crowd at the pit area.

Panics are also in the house.

The show is about to begin.

Budak noob tak reti amek gambar, jadi lah macam ni. Joe Flizzow.

Maple Loo and Pat Ibrahim at the back, otw to their seats.

Show Me Watcha' Got.

HMC Phlow.

I personally think Bounce Stepperz is the best that night.

Hafiz rocking the stage as the emcee.

1st Collaboration: BOS + RKS.

Crazy doctors: HMC + ECX.

Hunny Madu as the guest performance.

Happy faces after judges announced there is no elimination. All four crews are going to the final.

Next week task: FINAL SHOWDOWN.
Overall, we are really happy. After balik from showdown singgah Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang (i guess) and balik rumah terus tido.

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