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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm the Red Ranger

I'm a little bit boring so i'm doing this. This is some of the quizes yg mengarut i've taken while facebook-ing. Haha. I'm the red one. Kuiz power rangers pon ada.

The Red Ranger
The Strong-Willed Ranger. Your teammates look up to you as the leader of the group. Although on the outside you may appear intimidating, on the inside you are a big-hearted, outgoing, friendly, and willing to help those who are in trouble. It is typical for you to take the blame when things don't work well in the group, but you handle it with pride. You are not afraid to stand your ground for you or your teammates, and it is something you are respected for. You make decisions for the group, but always consult with your teammates first. You are the first out on the battlefield and usually the one to finish the job. Once in a while, there come times when you feel unsure of yourself, but your friends are always there to set your mind straight. When trouble brews, all eye turn to you. Yet you always know exactly what to do.


Sophea Adrianna said...

eyh, u're on facebook? add i! :D

A Z R E E N said...

Babe,i couldn't find u 0n fb :(

Sophea Adrianna said...

ahaha! i can't find u either! :p try carik for izyan mohamad :D