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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As i said yesterday, i nak pergi clinic kan? I was waiting there to see a doc for about an hour i guess. Lama gila ok. Org sngt ramai. Mcm ada pesta ke apa kat clinic tu. And this one girl is suspected H1N1. Which she is sitting right beside me in the waiting hall. I was like gila scared la. Why on earth this girl nak duduk sblh i . Takut ok.

And i terdengar another girl ckp yg she had been coming to the clinic for 3 times. Doc yg check tu boleh ckp, nanti bila demam panas baru dtg balik. wtf. Teruk gila ok. Org dah la sakit and scared to death pasal H1N1 tu. Tp boleh pulak doc tu buat mcm tu. Sungguh tak efficient. Aish.


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