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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Few days ago, during this Micro Processor (Pn. Surayahani) class, I was very concentrating to what she is teaching while suddenly this situation happened.

She was talking about this PIC 16F84 Microcontroller thang and was teaching very hard, trying to make us understand. Then she said, "Apa yang penting.....", and all the boys continue with "KERJASAMA". I was like macam pernah dengar je. Owh. That was a sentence from this Wonderpet cartoon series. That was super hyper funny ok.

How does all the boys can think to continue the sentence? Even Pn. Suraya was laughing. And she's like,"Anak saya pon suka tengok cerita tu". Hahah. Thanks to the boys that take my sleepy mood away :)

p/s: Watch Wonderpets every Monday- Friday (if I not mistaken), 2.30 pm at TV9.


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