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Friday, November 9, 2012

Anyone to Sponsor my Pre- Wedding Photoshoot?

I think it's been a while since i write something in here. I mean, the real 'write'. Much of my posts recently are just about me updating the promos and all. I miss writing here. I really do. But i don't have much time to really write since i started working, about 2 years ago. How times flies.

As per most of my readers know, i'm getting married in about 4 months. So much to do. Plus my fiance is 2 hours drive away from me. I had to do everything alone here :( Not that i'm complaining, but some times seeing others doing the same thing as i am, with their partner, make me super jealous. On the good side, it makes us love each other stronger.

I'm planning of doing Pre-Wedding photoshoot like always earlier. But idk why he is against it. He said that it is a waste of money & time. That is one of my dream. But if he is refuse, what can i do? What's the point of doing Pre-wedding alone?

Sayang, if you are reading this, i leave you with photos for you to see and become jealous so that we can have ours too :)

In conclusion, who are interested to sponsor my Pre- wedding, you can contact me directly through my emails :P

Pictures courtesy to Google Image.

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Orked said...

Sya pon tringin nk wat pre-wed photoshoot tp xpandai pose.maLu depan camera.hadoi..

BTW, Sya da foLLow, visit/foLLow Sya jugak ek