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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Of being an Engineer

Past few months ni, i tersangat lah busy. Lagi2 bulan ni. Asyek kena outstation je. Wedding preps langsung tak berjalan. Tapi bunga telur dalam 20++ pcs je lagi nak siap. Yaaayy!!

1st October meeting dekat KL, 2nd Oct Pasir Gudang, 3rd Oct Lumut, 4th Oct Shah Alam (office), 5th Oct Singapore. But i manage to escape Singapore since i have an appointment with my doctor. Lega gila. Pinggang dah start sakit2 asyek kena travel jauh2 je dalam 1 hari.

Now that the Lumut project is started, we have to attend weekly meeting there every Wednesday, 3 pm. I'm pretty sure my boss will ask me to attend the meeting every week. I can't imagine driving there by my car, alone. It's a dark scary long journey. Even the highway is dark with no lamp post.

How i wish i have a personal/ private jet for my travelling purposes :P

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