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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Which and which

I have applied for two days leave, which are on 9 & 10 th December. My HOD already approve the leave, waiting for the approval from bigger boss now :P

Nothing much to say, been busy with works and stuff (read: Shopping & lepak-ing with GFs) and lately feeling kinda lazy to update the blog, even with fab stories and plus I'm looking for a new hp and my current hp is a hp w/out a camera so rasa tak best lah bila tak banyak gambar.

I can't wait for the holidays with friends from Uni. And oh, i missed my BF very much too.

P/s: Pening fikir which car to buy, and which phone to buy.


adila13430 said...

bli vios...or city..!
comfortable.. ^_^

A Z R E E N said...

was thinking of city, but err.. not sure lah lagi. still in a planning stage :) btw, thanks for the suggestion.