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Saturday, September 12, 2009

She Wolf

SOS she's in disguise
SOS she's in disguise
There's a she wolf in disguise
Coming out
Coming out
Coming out

A domesticated girl that's all you ask of me
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy
The moon's awake now with eyes wide open
My body is craving, so feed the hungry

I've been devoting myself to you Monday to Monday and Friday to Friday
Not getting enough retirbution or decent incentives to keep me at it
I'm starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office
So I'm gonna go somewhere closer to get me a lover and tell you all about it

There's a she wolf in the closet
Open up and set her free
There's a she wolf in your closet
Let it out so it can breathe

Sitting across a bar staring right at her prey
It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way
Nocturnal creatures are not so prudent
The moon's my teacher, and I'm her student

To locate the single man, I've got on me a special radar
And the fire department hotline in case I get in trouble later
Not looking for cute little divas or rich city guys, I just want to enjoy
By having a very good time and behave very bad in the arms of a boy

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